Even though it was anticipated that Android 14 would arrive today, it appears that the OS upgrade for this year experienced a last-minute delay that even managed to catch OEMs off guard.
As indicated by Mishaal Rahman, Android 14 has been pushed back to an October fourth delivery date, that very day Google is intending to report the Pixel 8.
The deferral might influence when current OEMs redesign their cell phones to Android 14, with OnePlus specifically having reported a September send off for OxygenOS 14.

After five betas, two or three engineer sneak peaks, and long stretches of expectation, it seemed like today might have been Christmas for the Android devotee local area. Yet rather than getting up today to find another steady operating system overhaul ready to be introduced on your telephone, all Google had to offer was a Quarterly Component Drop matched with a logo update. It sounds like a last-minute delay was to blame for your disappointment, so if you feel like Android 14 should have arrived today, there might be some truth to that theory.

As per Mishaal Rahman on Twitter (otherwise known as X), the Android 14 source code was initially planned to be delivered today, with OEMs anticipating its appearance close by purchasers. All things considered, the whole send off — AOSP and Pixel fabricates the same — has been supposedly pushed back to October fourth, adding almost an entire month onto its improvement time. If that day sounds familiar to you, it is because Google will hold its next Made by Google event on that day. It is likely that the event will be held to introduce the Pixel 8, Pixel Watch 2, and any other products that the company may have in store.

Rahman says OEMs are being informed that any weakness definite in its Security Delivery Notes for Android 14 will not be distributed until that October fourth date, recommending a steady form may not show up until the day we realize about Google’s most recent equipment. It would likewise, as Rahman notes, mark whenever the AOSP first form has concurred with a Pixel send off, however it’s not whenever the two dates first have played with one another.

An October discharge for Android 14 would be like Android 12’s send off quite a while back. The company uploaded Android 12 to AOSP on October 4, 2021; however, the build for Pixel devices did not actually arrive until October 19, the day that Google unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Taking into account the current year’s occasion is prior in the month, we could see a concurrent push to AOSP and Pixels close by the organization’s new assortment of cell phones. After all, Pixel and AOSP builds of Android 11 and 13 arrived almost simultaneously, and users received OTA upgrades within a day or two. The current year’s Made by Google occasion could twofold as Android 14’s send off.

If this delay is true, it will affect when current smartphone manufacturers upgrade to the most recent Android version. Samsung carried out its second One UI 6 beta last week, however we’re probably even over a month away before a steady form starts carrying out. OnePlus, then again, reported it would convey OxygenOS 14 on September 25th, north of seven days before this reputed date. In the event that Google isn’t prepared to push Android 14 to AOSP, anticipate that that date should get pushed back.

Since trading to its custom Tensor chipsets, Google has had its reasonable portion of mistakes with regards to convenient updates. The Pixel 6 was famous in its most memorable year for continually missing security patches, in any event, when those month to month delivers contained high-need bug fixes. Indeed, even the Pixel 7 series hasn’t totally tackled this issue; the current year’s Walk update, for instance, wasn’t pushed until the month was anywhere near mostly finished.

Obviously, this delay is not quite as well known; Rahman’s date is, all things considered, not official affirmation. As far as it matters for its, Google hasn’t reported anything, and taking into account the final word on Android 14’s day for kickoff was a nonexclusive “weeks away” remark back when Beta 5 handled, it’s in fact not late. despite the fact that it certainly appears to be.

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