The first glimpse at Kartik Aaryan’s physically demanding flick yet is intense.

With the publication of the film’s captivating first poster, leading Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan gave fans an insight into the rigorous training and strenuous preparation he endured for his next film “Champion.” Aaryan is seen in the unpolished photo that was shared on social media, racing across some muddy terrain while flaunting his powerful figure. The only thing covering him is a traditional langot.

Aaryan clearly went above and beyond the call of duty to really inhabit the role, as seen by the intense look on his face and his toned physique. Having trained for more than a year to obtain the athletic look, he called the film “the most challenging project” of his career to date. The action-packed sports drama that will push the main man to the edge is exactly what the poster promises.

“Champion,” which was created and directed by the renowned director Kabir Khan, is based on the inspirational true story of Indian athlete Murlikant Petkar and his gold medal victory in the Commonwealth Games. From the moment the project was revealed, fans have been eagerly anticipating information about Aaryan’s rigorous preparation. It now appears that “Champion,” which is slated for release in June, will live up to its reputation as Aaryan’s most physically demanding part to date, as the captivating debut poster has heightened interest.

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