In a world full of chaotic ideas, Kishmel Eagar managed to create his own unique reality. The chase of mentors and helping hands make people forget about their own creativity and free will.

But Kishmel Eagar never compromised on his freedom and never forgot his objectives. He wanted to live the way he liked. He is a well-known Entrepreneur and the CEO of EntryPoints Creative Agency.

Kishmel Eagar was born and raised in Georgetown , Guyana on 27th July 1997. Since he was young, he always wanted to be his own hero and felt a great dose of motivation in himself.

He was not a follower, he wanted to define his own way of freedom. His mind was filled with creative ideas and the blood of entrepreneurship flowed through his veins.

Kishmel Eagar started his own Instagram Creative Agency and helped over 200+ entrepreneurs and influencers in a very short amount of time.

From the result of his Instagram network, he generated a five-figure revenue in just 8 months. All of this was done without any mentor, guide or course. Although he came across many errors and went through several trials, he never forgot his goals and standards that he set for himself.

His common sense and self-believe were light to his way of success. Now he has his own digital marketing company named EntryPoints Creative Agency which was founded in 2020 and offers a lot of different services to its customers.

EntryPoints is a hub for digital marketing and creation. It can brand one’s business or product very wisely and effectively.

They offer plenty of promotional services and latest marketing tools like graphic designing, social media marketing, advertising videos, unique editing methods and much more. In addition to that, EntryPoints provides you a roadmap and strategical planning for your business to make it successful in its respective market.

Once they get hold of the information about your product or business, they will develop its marketing strategy and make it magical. Along with providing you the latest news about economical situations, they will also guide you about your potential target markets.

It is a surprising factor of the EntryPoints that they don’t even charge their customers expensively. No doubt, they are experts in their field of business.

Kishmel Eagar believes that if one has to maintain a successful lifestyle, they have to be disciplined and strictly scheduled. These habits remind a person to wake up every morning with the same goal and purpose of life.

For Kishmel Eagar, his purpose was to launch a business and make money. And his thriving EntryPoints Creative Agency is proof that he has achieved his goal. He has become a successful entrepreneur, digital marketer and talented CEO of EntryPoints Creative Agency. He has earned his freedom by all means necessary.

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