Margot Robbie is uncovering how the viral foot scene in the Barbie trailer was recorded after it prodded a remarkable buzz via virtual entertainment.

Barbie’s feet are shown walking in pink heels in the trailer’s opening shot before she steps out of them, revealing the doll’s well-known high heel shape. Following the release of the preview, fans took to social media to inquire about the shot’s production and whether or not it was actually Robbie’s feet.

The actress clarified the situation and stated that she was the sole participant in that scene during a recent interview with Fandango. “I always try to do my own inserts,” she said.

When I watch a movie, I don’t like it when I know it wasn’t made by my hands. That irks me so much, “she continued. I always ask the director to let me do everything on my own. I don’t, and I don’t like the fact that I know I didn’t do it.'”

Given that she remained perfectly balanced throughout the video, Robbie also explained how the actual scene was shot.

There were probably eight takes. Wasn’t so many,” the entertainer made sense of. ” When I came up, we had double-sided tape for the shoes so that they wouldn’t come off and I could get my feet out of them. There were little sticky bits on the floor. Furthermore, I was clutching, similar to, a bar. But that is all. I wasn’t strapped in any kind of harness. I just walked up to the camera and kind of held onto the bar above it.

Robbie stars inverse Ryan Gosling in the Greta Gerwig-coordinated film. Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, America Ferrera, Rhea Perlman, and Will Ferrell round out the star-studded ensemble.

The entertainer as of late let Engineering Summary know that they were all “extremely energized” about the plan of the storeroom and the garments within it. ” She stated at the time, “We were saying that the wardrobe in Clueless, like, set the bar so high, and we would really like to do something that is as cool as that.”

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