Mr. Vinoth Kumar, CEO of WEEXPOINDIA drives us through a massive Pre-Show Campaign for South India’s Premiere International Auto show!

This September 16-19 at HITEX, Hyderabad the auto enthusiasts around the world will congregate with one common theme – To “Bring back hope for Auto Community”.  To drive people crazy with auto love, to make up for all that their soulmate on road has lost these 30 months, the passion of steering and the sound of full throttle, to break out of the shell and express the joy on their proud relationship and the unique partnerships – our auto Love has always been clandestine – “Hope for Wheels” is here to capture and share those precious moments of yours.

“Hope For Wheels” – is to bring back hope for people who miss their rides and drives, a community of auto Lovers who miss their life on roads.  The 40-day campaign will promote a massive charity driven hashtag challenge for people from 16  to 50 years of age to share their love & passion for their cars & bikes through an engaging Hashtag Challenge via content such as Pic, Video & Audio.

WEEXPOINDIA Auto Show will run an exclusive Tentpole National PR Campaign carrying “Hope For Wheels” stories – covering 15+ Major cities & 20+ Smaller cities across India- a road show of around 40 days, will host 1 Press Conference across 10 Major Cities + 1 regional Press Release per major city, Engagement period of 3-5 hours per city in AV destinations, city centres, Malls, Press clubs etc, Auto Brands can engage with public with giveaways during this PAN India campaign.

As a socially responsible organisation, it has been decided that WEEEXPOINDIA Auto Show would donate 1 Re for every successful hashtag challenge that goes directly for the educational needs of children who have lost their family in COVID pandemic. There is no greater call for any community  than that of supporting education for children. This initiative calls in collective support of entire auto community and we hope millions of people spread their Hope, Joy and Love for their vehicle who thereby drive dreams of thousands of children future education. People can choose to use partner branded emojis along with their content that would spread across the community.

Hope on wheels, is also to instil – hope, resilience and inspiration to people in need, at a time of one of the most challenging human crisis that calls of solidarity. We hope and are for certain that,   The Millennial’s – the Major Influence & decision Makers will stand with us thick and thin in this cause driven campaign.