The sensational band LESS LOVE has released its new single- Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans). Famous for its blissful ways of creating their videos, the video of the aforementioned song has also been nominated for LA Music Video Awards.

The band that has won hearts has already gained thousands of views for this song’s video posted and Youtube which has made it quite popular in the Oklahoma music scene. Keeping the essence of Oklahoma music in mind, the music of the song makes your spirit want to dance!

Viewers and fans are eagerly waiting for their favourite band to win at the LA Music Video Awards.

The reason that this music is such a talk right now is that the LA Music Awards are known for finely selecting the best music videos for the award and being nominated for such an award is a clear indication of what a masterpiece the video is. This has raised the excitement in fans and the new music single is something people can’t wait for.

All eyes on who bags that award. How keen are you to see your favourite band winning?

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