Toby Tremain known as Toby Smiles, is an 19 year old Digital Creator who has gained millions of followers across his social media platforms. He has cerebral palsy and is a full-time Influencer while attending Cairn University.

Toby wants to be an inspiration to people who have a disability, to prove that anyone can accomplish anything they desire in life. He is also known for his love for Starbucks and Jesus.

Toby was born 3 weeks early, April 28, 2003. He has had multiple challenges throughout his life. As a social media influencer, he wants to show the world that no matter what disability you might have, your dreams are REAL. If you just push through, you can make it happen.

Just this week, Toby made one of his goals come true by raising enough money to buy his first Gucci backpack. He raised the money in two weeks by going live on TikTok. It’s not about a Gucci bag, it’s about turning your vision into a reality. Toby has done just that, and will continue to inspire the world through his determination and zest for life.

As Toby continues on his path, he wants to keep INSPIRING people through his advocacy. He wants to tell the world to stop treating people with disabilities like they are not smart, and actually see what they are REALLY thinking. They are probably smarter than us. They just can’t express it like we do.

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