SR.Gent recently spoke about the launch of The Independent Grind saying “I’m glad that I am finally able to help the artist I meet, because I am always running into the most talented people with no guidance on how to actually become the artist they want to be.” The Independent Grind is the machine responsible for SR.Gent’s success. There are plenty of music industry marketing companies and services available to indie artist, but many of them are overpromising and underdelivering or delivering very low quality service according to SR.Gent. “My team and I have learned the hard way through trial and error. We have been taken advantage of yo the tune of over 20,000 dollars. This might not be a lot for a major artist, but for an indie it’s everything.” We asked him why he has chosen to take on a marketing company while also being the full time CEO of LTP INC, and a recording artist himself? “I just want to help the independent artist get the recognition and revenue they deserve.

The music industry is a billion dollar market and the artist are seeing less than 20%. I really think it’s time that changes and The Independent Grind can lend a helping hand in the process.” So what exactly would you be able to do for an artist that is completely new to the business of music? “We would start with getting the company formed for the artist, then moving onto to designing the graphics for all social media and websites, next we would ensure that they are registered with the proper agencies to collect monies as music is consumed, lastly we would discuss and implement a marketing plan with the artist based on their budget.” The Independent Grind sounds like a company many artist are waiting on, and i’m sure they will have a full schedule soon, so reach out to them for all your indie artist needs 

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