The vision of “Mama” Amena Rakkuson and her son Mo Abedin has become a unique Thai dine-in experience in the UAE today.

Entrepreneur and restauranteur Mo Abedin, one of the brains behind a home-grown Thai restaurant brand, Sticky Rice, says that setting a firm foot into any industry has never been a walk in the park. Ask those who lacked the proper guidance or resources and still went ahead in carving their niche in their chosen sectors. “Getting closer to success can seem too challenging, but sometimes all one needs is the right mental attitude and ideas that one can confidently turn into reality, thriving off of hard work and determination,” highlights the founder, who, along with his wife Nina Fahmi and sister Maryam Abedin relying on their conviction and commitment led Sticky Rice towards enormous success in the UAE.

Sticky Rice was first opened in 2019, and it was the brainchild of “Mama” Amena Rakkuson and her son Mo Abedin. However, in 2021, Mama passed away due to complications during Covid-19. But, with the right support from the community, which Mama served for years with her Thai specialties, Sticky Rice was reopened for deliveries in 2021 and by September, it was reopened as an expanded dine-in restaurant with additional seating. Mama was a self-taught cook who always dreamt of opening her own restaurant, and so she started by preparing meals for her family kitchen and delivering them to customers across Dubai.

Mo Abedin, since then, decided to make her dream a reality, and hence he has been spreading the presence of Sticky Rice in Dubai and now in Abu Dhabi, serving diners top-notch Thai food with fresh Thai ingredients flown specially into the country that can satiate their hunger for authentic Thai dishes like Som Tum Thai, Spicy Kaeng Keaw Wan, Pad See Ew Pak, Mango and Sticky Rice with Coconut Soft Serve Ice Cream dishes, Seafood Tom Yum, Green Curry, Sticky Tamarind Wings, and much more.

Their much-loved duck mascot “Kew” has won over the hearts of many customers. The Abu Dhabi outlet located on the first floor of Yas Mall, owing to the brand’s growing reputation and popularity, and, of course, its heavenly Thai dishes, have seen a massive footfall in customers, who love enjoying these dishes with family and friends in the casual environment.

The team at Sticky Rice (@stickyriceae) in November 2021 had made an announcement on Instagram, inviting food lovers in Abu Dhabi to enjoy “Mama’s” recipes and have a spectacular time.


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