Google has released new functions for its Lens and Search tools in an attempt to help enthusiasts and students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. With the help of these modifications, arithmetic, physics, and geometry issues should be easier to solve, increasing the accessibility and simplicity of STEM-related learning.

Rob Wong, Product Lead at Google, says that these improvements to Lens and Search are meant to enable people to more easily visualize STEM ideas and find the right equations. These improvements promote interest and knowledge acquisition among students, teachers, and STEM enthusiasts by enabling an easy learning process.

Use “Math Solver” for step-by-step solutions

The newest addition is a “math solver” from Google that provides detailed answers to mathematical and scientific problems. You can easily enter your equation into the search bar or take a picture using Google Lens when working with equations pertaining to trigonometry, calculus, or other math principles. It will soon be accessible on mobile devices in addition to desktop computers. This feature helps users in solving word problems efficiently by utilizing Google’s language models.

With Lens, Geometry Is Easy

It can be difficult to adequately describe geometry difficulties with words alone. Google Lens is helpful in addressing this. It helps users better understand geometric concepts and solve issues involving areas, angles, and other geometric concepts by offering step-by-step, visual explanations for geometry problems.

AI Support for Word Problems in Physics

Google’s advanced language models help with word problems related to high school physics. With the use of this functionality, users can more easily recognize known and unknown values in physics problems and choose the right formulas to solve them. It makes the process of resolving problems with physics easier.

Visual Instruction for More than 1,000 STEM Ideas

By enabling consumers to utilize Search to visually explore more than 1,000 STEM concepts, Google has increased its support for STEM education. For many relevant fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy, interactive infographics and 3D models are now available.

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