In the times of a pandemic, Chicago’s number one luxury real estate producer is expanding his vision to California. About Aaron Gill’s first project in Los Angeles and why his success in Illinois is following him wherever he goes.

The common lifestyles of Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California, couldn’t be more contrary.

Lifestyle, one of the main factors for a market’s character and behaviour is the first point of focus when Aaron Gill narrows down his clients needs.

Chicago, with its corporate driven skyline of high risers that compares better to New York’s business hot spots than to the few shy rising buildings of Downtown Los Angeles, is currently feeling the impact of the global pandemic on the real estate market. Wherever the market’s activity has been booming in the past five years, it evolves around business and offices and has slowed down during the time of home office and social distancing.

Los Angeles on the other hand endorses a lifestyle that is much more outdoorsy and doesn’t force social life coming to a full stop these days. The city is much more spread out, industries like entertainment, art and other less corporate centred branches bring a different type of clientele.

Aaron Gill’s timing of stepping into the Californian market came at the right time, as he teamed up with brokerage Douglas Elliman and developer Onni to work on the Hope + Flower complex in Downtown LA.

A project that could be tailored to the hands of Gill, who’s work in Chicago has pushed him to the top spot of luxury real estate producers in Illinois’ capital.

Aaron Gill’s success is the result of a very unique recipe of soft skills and hard work, someone who dedicates his full passion and time to his service.

He came to Chicago fully focussed on medical school and becoming a physician, though his skillset gained in hospital was going to take him down a different career path after 4 years. What started as a side job soon was followed by great success, his own agency Epoch Chicago and countless happy clients till this day.

His incredible work ethic and knowledge keep leading him to further opportunities of growth, with his current focus on reciprocating his success in Los Angeles. Working with the right partners and staying humble and aware of the attributes and skills that have taken him so far, there is absolutely no reason Aaron Gill will not establish himself as a top producer in California in the same unique style he has done it in Chicago.

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