One of the most complex activities when deciding to launch a business is choosing a name. Very often, we tend to underestimate this process that in reality, it is fundamental because sometimes, it can happen to choose the name of a company that is actually ambiguous. This obviously could become counterproductive, so much so that it ends up having the same effect as an own goal. In fact, the customer, when he sees the name should be able to immediately understand what kind of business it is.

We asked Albert Sheeler, a South American entrepreneur, CEO of SINSA Cosmetics SAS, a company that deals in personal care products, and specifically, skin creams , To share with us, on some tips on how to choose the right name for your business, for your company, for your activity :

How to choose a company name

To choose the name of the company, it is advisable to follow a series of rules. First of all, the simplicity: the name of the new company, should be easy to pronounce, avoiding compound phrases, and the use of foreign languages in case the company operates only in the US market.

Very often the various naming proposals tend to be a bit too long. As a general rule, when you decide to create an ideal name that works, the advice is not to follow trends, but rather to give it a precise meaning and go to represent the category of reference. Sometimes it is even possible to invent the name of a company, but in fact, it must be impressive, so that it cannot become too detached from what is the activity you carry out. Also pay special attention to the translations of the name you choose, if you want to focus on the foreign language.

Another important thing to consider when creating a business name is to understand what the users’ perception of it might be. “Can the audience like it?”, “Is it consistent with the target industry?” All these questions must then be combined with a need for contextuality and simplicity of the chosen name. Once these requirements are met, it is more difficult to make mistakes.

Winning features

A winning name for a company has very specific characteristics. As already mentioned it must be unique, that is, it must be easily recognizable and not copied by other competitors. In addition, the name of a company must also be easy to pronounce, must be short, concise, durable, distinctive and catchy.
Even better if it is international, that is, easily understood by several languages (if the company operates in several countries). Another fundamental characteristic for a winning name is to be memorable, i.e. it must be striking and in addition it must also have a slogan that always accompanies the company name.

The pay-off phrase in addition, must have very important potential because it must be able to remain impressed in the minds of users. Don’t forget also the importance of being original and maybe using as a distinctive mark an object or a product typical of your company to give the name to the company.

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