Superstar Khalid and Atlanta-based dancer and creative artist Jalaiah Harmon are here with the newest dancing challenge. Now dance lovers can share their best moves on TikTok to participate in this challenge. The artists have collaborated with Coca-Cola for the challenge and has asked the participants to share their ‘real magic’ while using the hashtag, #ShareTheMagic.

With ‘Real Magic’ Coca-Cola is opening a new platform globally and this TikTok challenge is their way to invite the world to celebrate humanity by putting their best dancing moves forward. Coca-Cola wants to remind all that magic exists in little, unexpected moments in life especially when people come together to share and celebrate each other including their unique perspectives. The brand wants to share these magic moments through music and dance.

Khalid has already shared this dance from Jalaiah on his TikTok channel for the #ShareTheMagic challenge. The participants TikTok video should be set to Khalid’s newly released track, “Open,” and the hashtag #ShareTheMagic should be used in the caption. Anyone can share their dance expression and their ‘real magic’ using any dance form, language or art.

Remember you have to try and get as many likes as possible for your videos so that it reaches maximum people. Various platforms are available for you to share your TikTok video links or you can buy tiktok likes from the right source to make sure your video gets the best visibility. Refrain from using any material which is profane or pornographic, depicts violence, suicide, self-harm or illegal activities, or in any way is derogatory to any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group as the video will be cancelled.

You can participate in the challenge till 21st of December, 2021. What are you waiting for?

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