All our lives, we’ve been slaves to banking systems, no? What do you think? Okay! You believe it isn’t the case. Let me come up with a fact, do you have the liberty to withdraw any amount at any time? Of course, not; banks impose a limit to systemize all this process. What was your mistake in having your money stored in a bank then? In view of that, the decentralized system appears to be one of the best solutions in all regards.

No doubt, Bitcoin was created for trade settlement or the purchase of products and services. But I have a fun thing to say; nowadays, Bitcoin is used to store or hold value. Without question, this is normal. But the question is, is Bitcoin a perfect design for storing assets for the long term? Does it really vouch for retaining your money, giving you all the options plus the RETENTION?

Meanwhile, the crypto ecosystem demands four primary value propositions required to make the product attractive to customers: creating crypto coins and tokens with limited supply, crypto wallets for the self-possession of different crypto assets, blockchain (a decentralized system protected by a computer network), and smart contracts on the blockchain.

Along similar lines, why don’t I introduce you to a crypto or blockchain ecosystem that holds all the value propositions mentioned above? Well, it’s none other than Tagcoin powered by Tag Protocol. Apart from that, it also resolves all issues of store-of-value coins, providing businesses and individuals with flexibility and continuity. What’s more, while benefiting from this coin ecosystem, you can move to a better blockchain with timely technological advancements.

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