Those who could endure heat, rain, and lack of sleep. Those who could wait in arduous, disorganised lines for their tickets, those who could prevent their tickets from being wet, and those who could mend ripped bits of that paper. People who could afford to pay for the higher rates of food while trapped between two open ends of rain, people who stayed inside the stadium in the hopes that play would resume, people who slept on railway station platforms in the hopes that rain wouldn’t ruin their plans once again.

Some people jammed themselves into tight areas, while others revelled in the extended periods of wetness because over half the stadium didn’t offer shelter from the rain and a strong breeze added to their misery. In the end, it came down to the overly excited surviving.

The IPL 2023 championship game included a thrilling game of cricket along with elaborate light and sound effects, fireworks, and smoke. It was a memorable entertainment event. But it came at a distinct, individual pace. Undoubtedly, it was an experience, but not everyone found it to be as enjoyable.


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