It is very hard for people to understand how they can make the best use of their talents and become successful in the present days because they do not have the correct direction or path that they can follow diligently. Ram Goel knows exactly how!

“I have worked hard all my life to establish myself and I know that if I have to be successful, I will need to invest in more than one kind of industries that way I will have a lot of backup and will never need to worry about the profits that I earn. I did exactly that and now I have a successful hosiery shop, aluminium factory and also a restaurant that runs successfully everyday. The one thing people forget when they are working hard is that they worry about the results and do not worry about how they are going to do better than they were yesterday. Keep moving forward and very soon you will realise that you have come a long way, this was my trick because one day I started and after a very long time when I looked back I realised how much I’ve achieved” advises Ram Goel.

Obviously, when he was first running his restaurant it was hard for people to know whether his food was actually good or not but after working and functioning for more than a few months, they had regulars who would come to them on an everyday basis. Ram Goel’s restaurant has been recommend a lot of times! Once people eat from here come out they can never forget the taste. It is truly wonderful because people do not trust the restaurant so soon but even during the pandemic ‘Wise Choice’ has generated a lot of revenue.

Mr Goel also coordinates his aluminium factory. It functions pretty well under his leadership because he keeps checking the inputs and outputs, all raw materials and the performance of every staff member at the end of each day. Even if it gets very busy, he makes sure to cheque the accounts every other day. No business transaction occurs without his confirmation because he knows the best owing to his years of experience in this industry. A lot of younger generation people have been following him as a role model because he has established himself despite the odds.