A couple of years back, there was an image that was trending on the internet- it showed a regular disco with the lights and the crowd, but the most striking difference was that everyone was wearing their own pair of headphones. At the time, this concept seemed very outlandish to the masses, but at the end of the day, one simply could not deny the fact that the idea seemed appealing. Honestly, what’s not to like? Listen to your own music instead of having to complain to the DJ to play something you consider half decent every ten minutes; all the while still partying with your friends. Most considered this an absolute win-win and one of the best ways to enhance your party experience without any ‘enhancers’. This concept, popularized under the name of “Silent Parties” soon took off, maybe you yourself have attended one. But ever wondered who’s behind this amazing idea? No worries, those who don’t know the answer. Keep reading and you’ll soon know all about him.

Meet Shannon Waldron. At first sight, he may seem like anyone else, with a BS Degree in Business Management from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. But take a closer look and you’ll soon realise this man is far from ordinary, with a mind which is always trying to think outside the box. Like any other young man of his age, Shannon Waldron is an active member of Illinois nightlife. But he felt all of the popular clubs to be more or less the same, and even more annoying was that they all played the same 4 trending songs on loop. After a while, it surely gets monotonous and Waldron desperately felt the need for a revolution.

Shannon Waldron isn’t a man who sits around waiting for change to happen- He brings the change himself. So, after completing his degree, Waldron’s next goal in life was to start his own business. He launched Urban Fêtes, an events and marketing agency. Presently they are considered to be one of the best in the business with their series “Silent Parties and Silent Listening Experiences”, with shows selling out in Chicago, New York, Detroit, Dallas and even London. They also help organise artist showcases and panel discussions at some of the most renowned film and music festivals, such as SXSW in Texas and A3C in Atlanta.

Apart from having a very responsive crowd who quickly became loyal fans of Urban Fêtes, Waldron is also grateful for Urban Fêtes success, to his team of similar thinking Millenials, with a collective motive of keeping up their brand of innovative thinking so that they can make the future better and more fun for everyone involved.

Pricing for Urban Fêtes’ events are usually from $10 to $20, keeping in mind the regular college-goers spending ability and you can rent a pair of headphones at a minimal cost as well, with the range starting from $6. Urban Fêtes is on all major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and you can find them by their name, no overly complicated handles needed. To stay updated you can also check out their website www.urbanfetes.com