They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this hip hop artist is here to showcase just that. Zacariah 100 went “big” with his visuals this month, filming some of the best ways to represent his city in his official video for his song “Dallas Starz”. The downtown views and infamous green jerseys spoke for themselves. Proudly from Dallas, Texas, Zacariah adopted the nickname “100” since he always keeps it 100, as he states.

“Dallas Starz” single released in November of 2020, with a DJ Red Remix (slowed and chopped) releasing shortly after. Fun fact: a surprise guest featured in the music video is DSR’s Lil Ronnie.

Introduced to music as a child, his father was a key member of band and the inspired, young Zacariah witnessed what would be his own destiny as well. With time and exposure to the industry, he developed an ear for music and real love for hip hop/rap. For the emerging star, a few impressive milestones include opening for Erykah Badu, Tedashi, Flame, Vrose, and Canon and Tum Tum.

“We them Starz, We them Starz,” he writes on YouTube. “This video is going off and representing like it’s supposed to.” He continues to encourage viewers and says, “We some Starz in Dallas, TX, and we gotta represent!”

Zacariah 100’s message paired with his energy and musical skills makes “Dallas Starz” a Dallas pride anthem.

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