You might not have any desire to race into installing an unofficial performance support for your Tesla. Clients on Reddit (through Electrek) have found that the most recent programming for Tesla’s Model 3 defeats an Ingenext mod that opens highlights like an extra 50HP and Drive Mode.

In the event that you have the imperative gadget plugged in, you’ll get a “incompatible vehicle modification detected” cautioning that stays while you’re driving.

These highlights ordinarily cost a huge number of dollars to open through Tesla, (for example, a $2,000 Acceleration Boost), so there’s a strong motivator for purchasers ready to face the challenge.

Ingenext is intending to counter the update in up to 14 days with an answer that permits its mod to run unobstructed. It said that solitary three clients are known to have refreshed their vehicles with Tesla code before attempting the update.

All things being equal, this proposes would-be performance hackers could be in for a test in the event that they need to amplify the capability of Tesla’s EVs without the organization’s favoring — they probably won’t have in excess of a little window of time before Tesla clamps down once more.

It’s not amazing that Tesla would make quick move when its plan of action rotates around software-locking features, yet this recommends the market for unofficial redesigns might be moderately restricted.

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