Hakeem X. White was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and relocated to Florida with his father when he was five years old. Hakeem began working out in high school to gain weight and impress the ladies, although his interest in fitness grew into a passion later this passion grew into a career. In order to become a dietician, Hakeem attended the University of Florida where he first started his training company. Because he dedicated more time to it than to school, Hakeem ended up barely getting a 2.0 in college and was rejected at every internship he applied to after graduation. 

Hakeem White moved home with nothing but his business and the faith that it would succeed. After failing for two years and making $2,000 in 2016 and $6,500 in 2017, he was inspired by an article he read about how the iPhone was raking in billions annually. So he designed a technique for online instruction, and with this technique, he has been able to reach six figures in 2018. Hakeem earned $250k in 2019 and began assisting other trainers and he ended up making his first million in 2020.

When Hakeem White made his first one million, he made a $1,000,000 award to remind him about where he was coming from and how far he has come through hard work and sheer determination and that is one of his prized possessions. Hakeem is a minimalist millionaire who doesn’t believe in clustering his life with material things he doesn’t really need. He only invests in things that he believes will add value to his life, such as his 2013 ford edge worth $5000, which he believes to be reliable. He is a simple guy who works hard for his client’s successes. 

Hakeem believes some of the important things he owns in life are his hundreds of successful clients doing over 6 figures, a reliable team, his amazing parents, his supportive best friends, his mental health and wellbeing, and his toughest competitors that push him to become better.

10 unorthodox life rules Hakeem White lives by for success and happiness

Hakeem White believes everyone should have life-guiding principles and here are some of his unorthodox life rules: 

1. Balance is BS. One thing Hakeem X White believes is that you do not need a balance, you need to find a purpose and be consistent. Everyone who ever achieved anything great didn’t do it with balance. They achieved it by being crazy, unconventional, and distinct. You can balance your life out after you hit your goals. So instead of finding a balance, seek out the unconventional.

2. Never give people more than one chance. Hakeem doesn’t believe in second chances, you only get one chance to either be excellent or be kicked out. In life, you only get what you tolerate and Hakeem believes tolerating trash will only get you trash. 

3. Envy others. It’s okay to be fueled by accomplishing more than the person ahead of you. Dark Emotions are Stronger than light emotions to accomplish your goals. It’s better to do good things for bad reasons than bad things for good reasons. Love makes you comfortable while Envy fuels you to do and be more.

4. Add value or get kicked out. Hakeem is a value giver so he believes If a person doesn’t add value to his life they can’t be in it. You’re either adding or taking away.

5. Everything is my fault. Take responsibility and be in charge of everything that happens around you. Everything that happens to you is caused by you. Complaining and fault finding will get you nowhere, so take charge and be responsible for your life.

6. Don’t desire others. Level up so much everyone desires you. Success fuels desirability, so instead of trying to ingratiate yourself with people make them like and respect you.

7. Be honest with your motives. It’s okay to want to make a ton of money for the sake of making money. The people who only talk about the impact and other noble ideals are oftentimes liars. Real people know that to make a lot of money you have to give value and truly impact others. So always be truthful with yourself and others, say what you feel, not what society wants to hear.

8. Stay away from Negativity, always surround yourself with positivity.

9. Read books multiple times rather than multiple different books. Execution and retention are what really matter. Not an ego-filled library of info you can’t even recall.

10. It’s okay to not be happy all the time. It’s not okay to stay that way. Your anxiety and stress can be solved. Your lack of organization and procrastination is the real demon eating away at your mental state, not other people. Work on yourself and always do things that will make you happy.

Finally, since Hakeem White always believes in value, linked below is a free training on how to start an online training business https://m.me/HakeemXWhite?ref=w9752417

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Free training on how to start an online training business https://m.me/HakeemXWhite?ref=w9752417