Every journey must start somewhere, and for James William Awad, his journey began at the very bottom and took the long route. For as long as he can remember, music has been James William’s passion that he couldn’t imagine living without. However, life didn’t hand him automatic opportunities to nurture and explore this passion. Thus, determined to make his dream come true against all odds, James William embarked on his musical journey.

Famously known in the musical world as Senior, James William’s story has come full circle as he is now a recognized artist in the industry. He explains that his perseverance and pursuit for the better have seen him become the musical sensation he is today. For a long time, his dream remained as just a dream; he faced rejection, which pushed him to become resourceful. Senior recorded his first single in a makeshift recording studio that he built in his basement.

When his first song, “Alexandra,” hit the airwaves, there was no caging Senior anymore. He gained widespread recognition, and that led to the release of his first full album. James explains that his vulnerability has become his very strength in his musical exploits. His ability to express himself and transpose real-life experiences into art makes him a gifted musician.

Over time, Senior’s music has come to dominate the industry as fans are always on the lookout for his next release. This is evident in the social media platforms he uses to connect with his fans. He is currently working on more music that is also inspired by reality. He says that talking about real life in his music has helped him unload a lot of emotional baggage, and he hopes his music has the same effect on his listeners.

Besides his blossoming musical career, James William Awad is also a successful entrepreneur and the owner of the company Tripleone, also known as 111. A pioneer in the world of decentralized businesses, this company is a collection of multiple ventures and initiatives that prove to the world the power of unity and collaboration.

James William Awad strongly believes that life is not about where you start; it only matters where you are going and how you grow during that journey.

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