According to reports, Sony is significantly reducing the amount of money it is sponsoring PSVR 2 and first-party VR titles for the device.

According to a report from Android Central, Sony may be “making deep cuts” to its internal funding for VR games, according to individuals close to the publication. Furthermore, a second source revealed to Android Central that Sony is only developing a small number of PSVR 2 names. It’s unclear what such games are or if they’ll ever be launched.

In August, Sony is going to release the PSVR 2 PC adapter, which will enable VR headset owners to connect their device to a PC so that SteamVR games may be played on it. Although it’s fantastic that Sony is providing a way to increase PSVR 2 compatibility and it will cost $59.99 / £49.99, the headset’s future seems to be shadowed by the accessory’s introduction.

With an excellent launch lineup that included Horizon: Call of the Mountain and future support for Gran Turismo 7 and the fantastic Resident Evil 4 remake, PSVR 2 did have a great start when it released early in 2023. PSVR 2 games have just been added to the PS Plus Premium library, which is fantastic news for headset users who want to get new games without breaking the bank.

The PSVR 2 was even more costly than the PS5 console itself, so most customers were never going to be able to afford its tempting $549.99 / £529.99 price tag. Although it is by no means the most costly VR headset available, Sony’s headset is extremely difficult to sell, even to PS5 owners, considering that Meta Quest 3 undercuts it and is significantly more adaptable due to its wireless, standalone design.

If the rumors are accurate and Sony is planning to stop providing active support for the PSVR 2, that would be unfortunate. The bright side is that a permanent price reduction might be on the horizon, which would enable the brand to at least finish off the stock and give more PS5 customers the opportunity to test out what is a truly fantastic headset.

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