The new Basic plan from Spotify, which provides all the features of the Premium subscription but without the audiobook listening time, is now available to US consumers.

The popular streaming service just raised the monthly cost of its Premium individual plan from $10.99 to $11.99. The $10.99 plan, known as the Basic plan with limits, is now available.

“Take advantage of the music streaming benefits of your Premium plan without paying for a monthly audiobook subscription,” Spotify states in their news post. For eligible users, plans start at $10.99 per month.

According to 9to5Google, customers who are already enrolled in individual plans can downgrade to the new plan instead than “directly signing up for the new plan” through Spotify’s website, for whatever reason.

The company’s aim to launch the most current $10.99 per month plan without audiobooks and to raise the Premium Individual plan by more than $1 are both confirmed by the new Basic plan introduction, according to a recent Bloomberg report.

The new $10.99 monthly plan seems to be the starting point for users to sign up for Spotify accounts. The $9.99/month option, known as “Audiobooks Access,” is still available, but it is limited to audiobook listening. It provides fifteen hours of audiobook listening.

In addition to offering 15 hours of audiobook listening each month, Spotify now offers a variety of plans for users in the United States. The $10.99 Basic plan is followed by the $11.99 Premium Individual plan, which offers ad-free music both online and offline.

The Premium Individual plan is also available for $16.99 per month as Premium Duo, which offers the same features for two users. Another noteworthy option is the $16.99/month Premium Family, which allows up to six individuals to utilize all of the $11.99 plan perks.

Additionally, according to 9to5Google, there is a new Basic Family plan that is available to Spotify customers and costs $16.99 per month. This plan is, for some reason, not mentioned in the previous post. It functions identically to the Basic plan for a maximum of six individuals who have never listened to an audiobook.

Since the main reason for raising the Premium Individual in the first place is supposedly to “cover the cost of audiobooks,” it’s odd to see Spotify dropping the audiobook listening experience with the introduction of these new plans, as revealed by the previously referenced Bloomberg report.

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