A recent addition to WhatsApp’s beta programme allows users to respond to other users’ messages with videos rather than the standard text or voice responses.

This test, which focuses more on the interactive and user-friendly ways in which someone can respond to a specific message delivered to them, was recently found in the most recent Android beta version of WhatsApp.

With its most recent video responses feature, Meta’s WhatsApp beta has been adding a tonne of features. This might potentially improve everyone’s experience.

WhatsApp Now Testing Video Replies on Android Beta

renowned insider Sending video answers to contacts is now possible with WhatsApp for Android beta version, according to a new report from WABetaInfo. In the previous version, the recipient could only reply with text or voice messages, therefore this is exclusively for video messages that the user gets.

This implies that users will now be able to react to the video message using the same media as their original message, which will benefit both chat partners.

This functionality is still only available in the beta version of WhatsApp, but it will soon be available in the public edition for Android.

WhatsApp Beta Expanding on Media Experiences

WhatsApp users may now enjoy a variety of media experiences thanks to Meta. They were all initially in beta, but eventually they were all released to the general public. Artificial Intelligence has contributed significantly to the expansion of WhatsApp’s feature set in the past, providing noteworthy chat and media content-focused experiences.

WhatsApp Beta and Its Features Under Tests

A huge decline from Meta was one of the best parts of the WhatsApp beta. It focused on AI image production that users could experience directly from the app. This function was initially made accessible on WhatsApp’s US operations and resulted from Meta’s development of its AI model, the Llama. It was made available subsequent to the launch of the Meta AI assistant.

In addition, WhatsApp’s April prior beta version revealed that the conversation lock feature—which it debuted last year to protect messages and chats on a device—is being expanded. The main focus of this upgrade would be to lock a particular chat on a connected device exclusively, which would prevent concealed messages from being moved even if you logged into WhatsApp on different devices.

One of the most popular instant messaging programmes worldwide is Meta’s WhatsApp, which offers a plethora of features in addition to its well-known end-to-end encryption capabilities. Users may select from a variety of alternatives when responding to chats with WhatsApp’s latest Android beta version, which includes video replies to video messages.

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