Actor Kubbra Sait recalls the time she was filming for the movie Ready with co-star Salman Khan when he arrived five hours late and demanded a lunch break right away.

A 2011 Salman Khan movie called Ready included actor Kubbra Sait, who is most known for her role as Kukoo in Sacred Games. The actor recently spoke about her challenging experience during the filming, during which she went without food for hours on end while the entire crew waited for Salman to get on set. (Also read: Meera Chopra discusses her decision not to take on a character similar to Kubbra Sait’s in Sacred Games, saying that “She had a lot of work after that but…”)

Kubbra talked about the process of filming her first movie, in which she portrayed a housekeeper. She claimed that she was handed an apple when she inquired for breakfast from the set. I said breakfast, right? After saying “apple,” they threw an apple in my direction. They threw another apple in my face after I requested one more. They stated that the shoot would begin at ten. That changed to 11 and then to 12,” she stated.

When Kubbra was interviewing journalist Faye D’Souza for her YouTube channel, she recounted how she, too, was forced to wait for a long time on the set without accomplishing any work. Salman got on site at roughly 2:45 pm, nearly five hours late, and it wasn’t until then that the team noticed. “You can tell when someone significant arrives. The movie’s protagonist is that significant individual. Salman Khan enters as everyone is putting up their pants and saying, “Let’s get to work.” It’s a visual because we were shooting at a golf course. Salman Khan approaches the huge, life-size windows and says, “Lunch break kare?” while flexing his back and turning his head to either side. (Shall we take a lunch break?) Idhar’s primary apple is available now.

Despite these circumstances on the shooting set, according to Kubbra, she constantly tries to find the good. The actor remarked that working with Salman was unique since he made everyone on set feel welcome. Rajat Kapoor’s RK/RKay, which starred Kubbra, was his most recent film. Along with Rajat, Mallika Sherawat, Ranvir Shenoy, and Manu Rishi Chadda, it also stars Kubbra.

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