Regarding her most recent film, Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway, which is based on a true tale, actor Rani Mukerji responds to all the claims made by the Norwegian ambassador.

Hans Jacob Frydenlund, the ambassador of Norway to India, recently sparked debate by asserting that the Rani Mukerji-starring film Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway is a “fictional representation” of a real case with factual errors. The main performer has now responded to the accusations by denying that any nation was intended to be demonised.

Everyone has a right to express their own opinions. Actually, no one was intended to be offended by this movie. There were many individuals who needed to hear and see the mother’s story. It is a true story, and the intention of the movie was very different from what was being projected in the opinion that was provided, says Mukerji, who also adds, “People need to be conscious of stories like this that are happening in the world. The story focused on a mother’s path.

Sagarika has disclosed that she has been waiting for the Norwegian government to apologise for subjecting her to the traumatic experience for more than ten years. Mukerji also expects that the movie will promote it.

“The movie honours Sagarika because it’s hard to find a true-hero story like this one,” someone once said. The actor emphasises that another reason why viewers need to recognise this film is “because not many people thought it could do anything [in theatres] because of the fashionable word ‘OTT content’,” adding that she displayed courage, resolve, and didn’t give up. But we had faith that the movie would be seen in theatres and spark discussion. That is why it was crucial to us that it be a triumph on the stage.

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