Planning to buy a new house for you and your family? Have you chosen the property already? Before you even finalize the deal, make sure that you get the property properly inspected by a professional to find out whether the house is really in a good condition or not. It is needless to say that the need to get a property thoroughly inspected is rather high. It is so important that this should also be included in any home-buying process and the purchase contract as well.

When you hire a professional building inspector, he inspects the overall structure, plumbing, roof, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, and various other crucial factors. He will also check the land around the building to find out about any possible issues with the drainage system and retaining walls, to name a few.

When Should You Get A Property Inspected?

It is usually seen that most of the homebuyers get a property professionally inspected only once they have already signed a contract to buy the building in question. Such property deals are normally made contingent based upon the approval of a buyer towards the result of property inspections. These type of inspections are also arranged and scheduled by the buyer.

It will not be a bad idea to conduct your own inspection before you decide for a professional inspection of a property says George House Inspections. If you do decide to inspect a building on your own, make sure to check for any problems like bowing walls and sloping floors. You should also look for issues such as missing roof shingles, any indication of water damages, low-quality of old appliances and fixtures, gutters getting loose, and any other signs of physical wear and tear of the building.

The best time to inspect a building is before you make an offer for the property. This will actually save you some money and also the trouble of facing such issues yourself later on in life. A possibility, which is seldom used by homebuyers, is to directly ask the seller to allow you to conduct a pre-inspection before you give your offer. This will save you the cost of bearing all the cost for the professional inspection of the property.

You may often find yourself in a situation wherein you may have to compete with other buyers for the same property. If you inspect a building properly before placing your offer, it will help you provide a different type of offer, which will also set you apart from other buyers. You may also submit an offer that will exclude any inspection contingency. As a result of this, you can reassure the seller that your offer is firm and it is not something that is you will likely whittle away once you enter a contract, which will be based on the result of a future inspection.

There are some sellers who may refuse to go ahead with a pre-inspection, especially because if during the inspections you alert the sellers about any problem with the property, they will have to divulge these defects to other buyers.

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