Honor demonstrated the potential of on-device AI by releasing new technologies that can identify deepfakes and lessen screen-related eye strain.

AI “is revolutionising our lives,” according to CEO George Zhao (pictured), and it’s propelling the smartphone business forward. However, he pointed out that a lot of the sector has concentrated on cloud-based AI, which is only one piece of the puzzle.

“Uniquely positioned to deliver services that are tailored to us and our preferences,” Zhao continued, describing on-device AI.

Its AI-powered deepfake detection looks at frame-by-frame details like lighting, eye contact, image quality, and video playback to find imperfections that are invisible to the human eye in order to assist stop fraud and identify digitally changed content.

According to the firm, the AI can now identify, screen, and compare within 3 seconds because it has been trained on an enormous number of photos and videos related to online scams.

In the meantime, a smartphone can become a special lens with its new AI “defocus” capability, simulating defocus glasses on the screen.

According to Honor, innovation in eye protection moves beyond prevention and develops technology that can offer people relief.

The purpose of defocus glasses, also known as myopia control spectacle lenses, is to slow down a child’s nearsightedness from developing. The manufacturer clarified that in order to preserve sharp core vision, the glasses are intended to “induce controlled defocus” in the user’s periphery visual field.

Platform level AI (OS), app-level AI, cross-device and cross-OS AI, and interface to cloud-based AI are the four layers of AI architecture that Zhao described in his presentation. The second and third tiers are where honor is emphasized.

With its lightweight and thin design, Zhao claims the Honor Magic V3 will challenge the foldable market. He also hinted at the device’s upcoming release. Experts in the field predict that the device will be made available in July.

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