Leadership Coach & Management Consultant Randeep Sisodia recently launched his debut non-fiction book ‘The Crusader: How Modi Won 2019 Elections’ through Srishti publishers, one of India’s leading publishing houses. 

‘The Crusader’ is a well-researched and informative non-fiction that delves into the 2019 General Election and how Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the battle. Through the book, author Randeep examines and analyses significant events, political gambits, and the narratives spread around Modi during his first term. The book recounts Modi’s political journey since he was elected the Prime Minister in 2014, his vision, and the action plan he had for the progress of our country.​​

This book stems from Randeep’s long-held passion and understanding of Indian politics. Having a two-decade experience in the corporate world helped him study and understand why and how people, leaders, or organizations behave. These observations helped him arrive at reasonable political insights while focusing on leadership as a trait.

“Having served over two decades in the corporate space in leadership positions, I finally chose to pivot towards pursuing my passion for leadership coaching, consulting, and writing. Over the years, my deep interest and passion for politics have taught me two key things. First – politics is the most critical vehicle to take the country and its people towards prosperity; and second – in politics, the most crucial element is Leadership. And that is what this book is all about – Leadership and Politics.” explained Sisodia on what readers can expect from this book.

This book covers various incidents in the Indian political landscape, including Mahagathbandhan, criticism of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), loss in key by-polls, international events that occurred close to the elections, etc. The book also focuses on the government’s handling of the pandemic and the citizenship amendments introduced in the Lok Sabha in 2019.

“We are confident that the book will cause a stir and captivate readers all over. Randeep’s perspective on Indian politics is unique, and his passion for leadership and politics shines through the book. We at Srishti found his take intriguing and realized we couldn’t miss out on publishing a work that is entertaining, interesting, and informative,” said Arup Bose of Srishti Publishers, who is confident that with Sisodia’s experience and understanding of both politics and leadership, the book is sure to be a success.

Through this book, I would like my readers to understand the driving force behind politics in India; the vast experience, knowledge, and leadership skills and more explained Randeep. He also hopes to search and rediscover the soul of the diverse country that is India and understand the idea behind what unites all of us.

You can grab a copy of The Crusader: How Modi Won 2019 Elections online, or from a book store near you.

For more information on Author Randeep Sisodia and his book, you may visit: https://linktr.ee/RandeepSisodia123

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