10 ultimate lingerie tips with which you can perfectly showcase bang-bang curves

Finding the right bra can sometimes drive you to despair and you feel lost in the lingerie jungle. That’s why we tell you how to find your exact size and how you know that the bra really fits.

Sometimes it’s only the little things that count that help you find the perfect fitting bra. Fortunately , the girls always know exactly what is important and promise: With these tricks every woman will find her perfect underwear.

1. Size matters!

80 percent of all women wear the wrong bra size. Are you one of them? With a perfectly fitting bra with good support, the bust appears plumper, the waist is narrower and the overall posture is improved. Use the following checklist to find out if your bra fits properly.

2. Through life without pain

We want buying cheap lingerie Black Friday 2020 to be fun again and make your life easier. If you have a heavy breast, please note that the right bra size will protect your health and prevent neck, back and headaches.

3. Find the right one

Whether large or small bust size, every breast is different and very individual. Therefore, not every bra cut looks the same on your chest. Here is a little guide : If your chest volume is closer to the lower part of the chest and there is some space between them, we recommend plunge bras. They have a deep neckline and give volume in the upper chest area. The breast is raised slightly and brought to the center and can thus be perfectly presented. If your breasts are rather round, close together and the breast tissue is set high, we recommend a horizontally cut balcony bra, which conjures up a perfect neckline, divides the bust, supports it from below and thus provides sufficient support.

4. Quality is everything!

When buying, look for high-quality, soft materials that are very comfortable to wear. Powermesh, hidden seams and breathable microfibers feel light on the skin, but still provide enough support. So you will have something of your treasures for longer, because good quality pays off!

5. Check your breast size

Your breasts change over time. Not only pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormone fluctuations affect the bra size, but also changes in weight and the decreasing elasticity of the breast tissue. Therefore, you should measure yourself regularly and check the fit of the old bras.

6. More is less: show your cleavage

V-necklines that stop at the base of the chest visually lengthen the neck and stretch the upper body. Round, angular and heart-shaped cutouts that are far from the neck also flatter curvy figures. A low-cut blazer or an unbuttoned blouse have a similar effect. black friday 2020 sales at Lover -Beauty  High-necked tops or turtlenecks, on the other hand, usually make the bust look bulky.

7. Choose the perfect bra for the right occasion

So that you can find the right bra in your lingerie drawer for every occasion, here are our MUST-HAVES:

1. “Pure” & “Liberty” multi-function bra / cup bra

Thanks to the padded but smooth shells, the breasts are perfectly shaped even under tight or strapless clothing, blouses, T-shirts or dresses. With classic straps or without, which one goes with your outfit?

2. “Sienna” & “Lynn” lace bra

Whether unpadded or padded, a lace bra should not be missing for special hours or as a highlight to flash out.

3. “Move” & “Motion” sports bra

These support you with high loads when you are active, whether at work, for hiking or in all sports.

8. Show curves instead of hiding them 

A lot is already done with the right and perfect “underneath”, but you can also adapt your clothes to your curves. If you feel comfortable with it, go for an hourglass figure that fits a little tighter at the waist and then flatters the hips. Optimal cuts for curve stars are, for example, shirt dresses and wrap dresses. 

9. Skin colored bras

We recommend wearing bras that are close to the skin tone and not pure white under light clothing for spring and summer, as this shows through the contrast with the skin. Choose champagne for fair skin; Peach and olive tones through to brown and taupe colors for darker skin. Even red and pink bras can become invisible under light-colored clothing with reddish skin types!

10. Rather hot panties than incisive experiences

Combine the matching panties in sensual colors or pretty details with your favorite bra. Whether high-waist panty, panty, string panty or string: We choose the highest quality materials that neither cut in nor push through and simply leave an absolutely wonderful feeling. It is best to look for bottoms without hard rubbers and also with lace ends, because these snuggle up particularly well.

Extra tip: feel good!

You appear sexiest to others when you feel comfortable in your own body. A great lingerie set, which fits your own style and optimally stages the curves, gives an exciting feeling and boosts self-confidence. We offer many different bra shapes and colors so that you shine in your favorite – inside and out! 

Check list: how does a bra fit correctly?

1. Underbust band: In the first setting, the underbust band should sit tight and parallel to the floor, as it should support 80 percent of the breast tissue.

2. Bracket: The bracket should completely encircle the breast and lie between the breasts and under the breast. This means that it should neither protrude nor lie on the tissue and cut into it.

3. Cup: There should be neither air nor a double breast in the cup.

4. Straps: The straps hold the breasts only 20 percent and should therefore neither cut into the shoulder nor slide down.  

How do I find my bra size?

Just take the measurement of the underbust and chest in a well-fitting bra and with some authentic size calculator you will find your optimal  Wholesale lingerie plus size black and the perfect bra.

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