Users of WhatsApp will be able to record and share brief, personal videos of up to 60 seconds right in the chat thanks to the video messaging function.

Meta On Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of video messages on WhatsApp. Users of WhatsApp will be able to record and share quick, private videos up to 60 seconds long directly within the chat thanks to the feature, which will progressively roll out.

A real-time option to respond to a chat with whatever you want to say or present is with a 60-second video message. The company stated in a blog post, “We think these will be a great method to share special events with all the passion that comes with video.”

According to WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption would be used to protect the video messages. With instant video messages, users will be able to respond to discussions in real-time with up to 60 seconds of recorded video content, much to the voice messages function on WhatsApp.

When accessed in a conversation, the video messages will automatically play on silent, and tapping on the video will activate the sound. Users will have to tap to enter video mode and hold to capture videos in order to send them. By swiping it up, users may also capture the video hands-free.

According to the business, everyone will be able to use the feature in the upcoming weeks.

In other news, Meta just revealed that Wear OS 3 users can now download the WhatsApp smartwatch app. The app has been released in every country. The recently released Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series is one of the first to feature native WhatsApp connectivity. Without having to remove their phones, users will be able to carry on conversations, voice-reply to messages, and even take calls using the app, according to Samsung.

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