Are you looking for an more outdoorsy life in Canada? Vancouver should be on your radar. Located on the west coast, this beautiful city boasts stunning natural scenery, diverse cultures, and a high standard of living. In our beginner’s introduction to Vancouver, here’s all there is to know about living in Canada’s prettiest town as a newcomer.

Accommodation In Vancouver

Finding proper housing will be one of the first things to consider upon relocating to Vancouver. With so many varieties of accommodation choices in the city, there is something for everyone.

●       Condos And Apartments

Urbanites can enjoy a condo or apartment in the central area of Vancouver for fast city core access. Walking to work, shops, and restaurants—you couldn’t ask for more convenience! Expect price increases at a prime location in Vancouver’s core. Renting a one-bedroom condo or apartment in downtown Vancouver ranges from around $2,000 to $3,500/month for your average size and convenience, with location being the greatest variable.

●       Personal Housing

The peaceful and family-focused areas boast a varied selection of property types. Homes within these suburbs have price tags ranging from about $1M to $3M or more, depending on the size and condition. The average rental cost for a house in these neighbourhoods is between $2,400/month-$5,000+/month for a one-bedroom house.

●       Shared Accommodation

If you’re looking for cheaper accommodation and want the feel of community, then shared housing or co-living is your thing. With this method, you can divide costs together and, at the same time, make a connection. Month-to-month rents range between $800–$1,500 based on where you live and the level of accommodations.

●       Student Housing

Vancouver has prestigious universities and colleges. If you are a university student, consider the student housing near your campus and campus life. Student housing fees could also change based on proximity to the university or campus. For a dormitory-style room, on-campus housing can range from $800 to $1,500 monthly. The cost of off-campus housing includes various options like shared apartments or homes that might charge anywhere between $600-$ 1,200 (depending upon the Vancouver neighbourhood and the number of roommates).

Popular Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Each diverse community within Vancouver caters differently to the lifestyle of its local population, giving everyone something to enjoy.

●       Downtown Vancouver

You have a skyline full of high-rise glass blocks, excellent food, and entertainment inside a bustling downtown area.

●       Yaletown

Famous for having a hipster atmosphere, Yaletown was once an industrial area turned modern neighbourhood featuring fashionable restaurants and chic retail shops.

●       Gastown

This place is a haven for arts and culture enthusiasts, with unique stores you won’t find anywhere else. There’s a lot to see in Vancouver’s old town, Gastown, full of old-world charisma, heritage buildings on cobblestone-lined streets, not to mention the famous Gastown Steam Clock.

●       East Vancouver (East Van)

With its rich cultural mix, creative hubs, and affordable prices, East Vancouver is one of Canada’s most varied neighbourhoods. There is an assortment of ethnic eateries and indie shops.

●       West End

Located between Stanley Park and the downtown district, this west-side neighbourhood provides an urban lifestyle with access to nature. It is a hush refuge amid a thriving metropolis.

●       North Vancouver

Just beyond the Burrard Inlet lies an area where the mountains roll into the ocean, called the North Vancouver, providing many suburban retreats that allow for quick access to several trails and recreation spaces. To sum up, Vancouver is one great place to live in Canada. It offers a range of apartment rentals and communities, from fast-paced downtown living to suburban serenity. Whether you’re an urbanite craving the cacophonous chaos of metropolitan life or an escapist seeking solitude in Vancouver’s sprawling suburban neighbourhoods, it is assured there is something to suit every preference.     Topics #accommodation #living in Canada #Vancouver #Vancouver neighbourhoods