Project Silence, the posthumous film starring actor Lee Sun Kyun, is now available. When the release date was eventually revealed, the fans were moved.

The release date of Project Silence is set for July 12. On Thursday, the date was disclosed along with a dramatic teaser and posters. The plot of the disaster thriller centres on individuals struggling to survive in the wake of a global catastrophe. They are stranded on an obscure airport bridge with chain-reaction automobile collisions. The film appears to be an exciting thriller, with military experimental dogs running amok on the falling bridge.

The movie’s two posters feature the characters confronting the unprecedented calamity while captured on security camera footage. Sun Kyun portrays Jung Won, a Security Office administrator who is at the airport to send his daughter off to college overseas.

Joo Ji Hoon portrays a tow truck driver who is travelling to the scene of the accident, and Kim Hee Won plays Dr. Yang, the senior researcher responsible for the botched covert operation known as “Project Silence.” The words “All survivors become the target” are also included on the poster, along with a red warning sign.

The survivors are seen navigating the potentially fatal predicament in the caravan. The powerful video features a tonne of amazing visual effects. There are gas explosions, bridge collapses, helicopter crashes, and all of this while a thick fog is swallowing the area.

This year will also see the release of Lee Sun Kyun’s The Land of Happiness. It centres on a lawyer trying to save a soldier who becomes caught in a scandal that rocks contemporary Korea. In the movie, Sun Kyun is going to be a soldier.

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