Justice HQ Co-Founder Robert Simon Helps Attorneys With Technology Integration

Change is essential in life. Technology has provided a means to speed up this process of change in many fields. Yet there are some fields, where technology isn’t being used as it should be. One such field is the legal industry. However, some firms are actively encouraging attorneys to integrate technology into their daily operations. A leading firm that has been doing this is Justice HQ, co-founded by Robert Simon who works as a personal injury attorney.

Robert Simon hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He loves technology and has therefore been working to integrate it with the legal industry. Justice HQ is a platform developed by him where attorneys can work, communicate and collaborate under a single roof. He founded the Simon Group in 2009 with his twin brother Brad Simon. Both of them have completed their graduation in Criminal Justice from George Washington University.

Back in those days, practicing law and starting a law firm was a difficult task. It took the Simon brothers 3 years to gather finances for their firm. In a decade or so, they managed to scale their operations because of which people started to see them as an authority in the legal industry. Soon, resumes of lawyers and cases started flooding in. However, they could not take up cases in which they lacked specialization. This made them scratch their heads regarding an efficient way to manage things.

In the following months, Robert, Brad, and head of marketing, Teresa Diep, came up with a plan to develop a platform where attorneys could work together and also access the resources that could help scale their businesses. This led to the establishment of Justice HQ. To hire the best lawyers, they started a screen test which even the board of directors and founding members had to go through. All of this was done to ensure that the special cases fall in the hands of the best possible attorney.

Once you become a member of Justice HQ, you gain access to their online platform with a remote mailroom, member-driven document bank, the secure messaging platform, and member directory, and educational videos. You are also able to use the flexible workspaces and conference rooms in Downtown Los Angeles, Torrance, and Orange County. The team is planning to expand its facilities to San Diego and San Francisco soon.  

Robert believes the legal tech industry will morph into a billion-dollar one. That is why law firms must adopt technology as soon as possible. With Justice HQ, he has helped many attorneys in having a greater quality of life by providing a better work-life balance.