In an effort to challenge Google, OpenAI has been developing its search engine for some time, using Microsoft’s Bing as the base.

This month, OpenAI may enter the search market to challenge Microsoft Bing and Google. The ChatGPT developer is rumored to be making a major announcement during an event that the firm is organizing for May 9.

Strong ties between OpenAI and Microsoft may provide the latter with the means to develop its own search engine. The Information previously published a piece that referred to OpenAI’s intended course of development and its superior advanced AI knowledge, which should provide it a competitive advantage over the current pair.

In addition, the company has been hiring for an events team continuously since January, which increases the flames around its impending event.

There have also been rumors that OpenAI built their search engine using Microsoft Bing as the foundation. Ultimately, both businesses have a close relationship and have so far had excellent success working together. It’s possible that OpenAI will step up to the task and provide the AI search both separately and as a benefit of the ChatGPT Plus membership.

Thank you to the non-voting position on the board, OpenAI has raised $10 billion without giving up a significant amount of control over its operations. Bing has made advantage of ChatGPT’s performance, which is also included for users in the Edge browser. AI essentially trains itself on the fundamental knowledge found on the internet by feeding off of existing data.

Although OpenAI has not formally disclosed any ambitions for its search tool, given the company’s intense competition to develop new AI use cases, it is possible that we will see some development in this area. Based on its current trajectory, an AI search engine makes sense for the company, which has already released Sora for AI video editing.

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