In his opening statement, Ashish Vidyarthi discusses how he met Rupali Barua and how his decision to get remarried has been “very difficult” for the family.

A few days ago, seasoned actor Ashish Vidyarthi wed Rupali Barua. Actor Piloo Vidyarthi was the subject of his first union. In a recent interview, Ashish revealed how he initially met Rupali and how his decision to get married a second time caused much anguish in his family.

Ashish continued, “Piloo and I are marching on with lovely memories of an amazing marriage. My decision also caused pain for the family, but I regard Piloo as a friend. I never thought about Piloo as being the mother of my son. Piloo was my buddy and my wife, and she treated me in such way. Do not assume that anything that has happened has been painless. Parting is painful. It is quite challenging. I know I’m being cynical, but Piloo, Mowgli, and I have all experienced pain. You then have a decision to make: do you want to deal with it or let it fester? Then death occurs.


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