On Thursday, Sidharth Malhotra attended a perfume event in Mumbai and referred to Kiara as his “wife.” Their supporters praised his action.

On Thursday, Sidharth Malhotra attended a marketing event and addressed to Kiara Advani as “my wife.” The couple’s followers gushed over a video that emerged online from the ceremony. In Jaisalmer, Sidharth and Kiara got married earlier this month.

Sidharth was dressed for a perfume launch event in a white shirt, black pants, and a cream jacket with a bow tie. On discussing the perfume, he added, “I have scents for the day and for the evening. This is a significant addition to one of my nighttime scents. I’m hoping my wife would like it.”

While developing their 2021 movie Shershaah, Sidharth and Kiara had become close. Although it was released digitally, both the public and the critics praised it highly. Kiara played his fiancée Dimple Cheema, and Sidharth played the victim Vikram Batra.

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