For any model in the fashion industry, being featured on magazine covers and being internationally recognized is just one of the many accomplishments in their career. Being able to influence people positively and present a positive image is another. 

Israeli born top model Shon Balaish has accomplished both aspects of this by being dabbling in many things like being an international model, a TV presenter on lifestyle, food, and travel shows, a producer of luxury events and celebrity parties, a jurist in his academic education, and a personality with significant social influence through his social networking sites. . From a very young age Shon Balaish had a goal, his mind was set on the fashion and glamor world. He would put in rigorous hard work, resilience, and commitment to the craft however he saw fit. Currently represented by Major Models Milan, Balaish worked his way into the world of fashion with his unique style and physical features. In a world of many talented people with promising features, physiques, and talents, Balaish has become a young icon inspiring fellow youngsters around the world. Not only did he make waves when he first started modeling, but through the intensity of his pursuits, he was also able to graduate with Honors with a law degree. 

Recently, Balaish was part of an international campaign for makeup brand Ariela Beauty in Tel Aviv with talented photo Elad Admoni, makeup artist Tali Moas, hairstylist Lidor Hadida, and styling Eyal Hagbi. 2021 seems like an excellent year for Balaish as he has now become a host for a new entertainment program for a local TV show on Channel 20 in Israel. No stranger to being in front of the camera, Balaish talks about everything hot in the entertainment world, from global to local celebrities. With the program and Balaish leading in film and television, it looks like the Israeli powerhouse shows no sign of stopping, and there is a long and bright future for him. 

No matter what he does, it seems Balaish is always one step ahead and looking towards the future. In a recent magazine interview, he states that the future depends on what people do in the present, and he sees himself doing more things, expanding his brand, and making the most of every moment. As a model and part of the fashion and entertainment industry, when asked what he believes style is, he tells readers not to let fashion own them and that they are the ones that decide who they are, what they want to express by the way they dress and the way that they live. As an advocate for inspiring the youth, he says that there should not be any shame or discomfort regarding physique, fashion, or anything else. Balaish goes through life continuously under the mindset that he should not let society depict his style or how he feels; he beats to his drum and hopes to inspire others to do the same. 

Balaish had one goal from his adolescence to make a mark on the fashion and glamor world. His rigorous hard work, resilience, and commitment to his craft have made him quite the authority figure among hopeful young individuals around Israel to live their best life. Through his charming personality, entrepreneurship, and fashion brand, he hopes to be an iconic figure and inspiration to those interested in the industry. 

But, it is not just all work and no play for the top model as he will be celebrating his birthday on June 24th with an event never before seen in the State of Israel. According to rumors, many celebrities will attend the event, and the style of the event will be Hollywood. With his experience as a producer of luxury events and celebrity parties, there is no doubt that his party will dazzle. 

Through his social media, Shon Balaish has made waves in the fashion and entertainment industry by modeling around the world and being featured in Marie Claire, MUSE, Vogue, and Men’s Fashion while also representing Israel with great respect. He wants to use his influence on social media to influence teens and people worldwide by giving tips and recommendations on how to develop and fulfill themselves. 

He truly is a jack-of-all-trades by accomplishing many things like maintaining his social media presence with a quarter of a million followers, being an internationally successful model worldwide, and being an eloquent and professional TV presenter and soon to be a reality television host. 

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