Amir Rashidi is the founder of the first training platform for passing prop firm challenges, where students are first taught the appropriate trading strategy to pass the challenge, and then with the help of their trainer, they start practicing passing the challenge in the prop firm challenges simulator.

Amir Rashidi’s goal in designing the prop firm challenges simulator is that students or professional traders can prepare themselves to pass the challenge without paying any fees before entering the main challenges.

until prop firm challenges simulator was designed by Amir Rashidi. Traders were forced to pay for prop firm challenges from the beginning and entered the challenge without any previous experience.

Since the conditions of trading with a prop-form account are completely different from trading with a personal account, most traders who enter the challenges of attracting capital for the first time fail.

With the help of this prop firm challenges simulator, traders can gain the necessary skills and experience to trade with a prop firm account before entering the main challenge, which prevents the loss of many traders.

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