Just as the rivers change with their landscape, the life of a global peace leader too changes over time. In a world turned upside down today, the need for international peacemaking has become important. Everyone, including men and women, plays a multi-faceted role in peacemaking. When it comes to peacemaking, leadership plays a vital role in ending a war or a conflict. Although the world sometimes appears a scary place filled with chaos and violence, some global peace leaders have spent a huge part of their life reminding people that goodness still exists, and it exists within us. Leaders like Dame Munni Irone, who has spent countless hours of her life bringing peace through her relentless efforts.

It is the responsibility to be taken by everybody on the planet to spread peace in the communities, across their country, and around the globe. Dame Munni has always been a light of hope in the distance, where peace seemed to be a dream in the chaotic and divided world. She is a humanitarian, philanthropist, global peace leader, human rights advocate, and author. Her whole life has transitioned into different aspects, and she achieved milestones in each aspect.

She is a survivor of domestic violence and bullying, and the abuse she received at the hands of her former husband motivated her to help her new family and make sure her kids knew their father. Her second husband raised both her kids, and they are both successful today. Dame Munni is not driven by financial gains, and it is her passion that drives her to bring peace through the power of positivity. She is on a mission to install a “Think Positive” world program. For years Dame Munni has been the voice for global peace and services providing opportunities to people of diverse classes, races, nationalities, and statuses. She donates her time to a variety of charitable causes. Her work has been committed to bringing peace and prosperity to her town and the rest of the globe.

Founding and funding her organizations

Every not-for-profit organization comes across problems related to funding. Although such organizations always welcome new investors, they fall into operating under their own steam at some point. Many not-for-profit organizations fund their projects, and Dame Munni’s projects, too, fall among them. She has founded and funded multiple organizations, one of which is Art4PeaceAwards which recognizes those who are playing a critical role in leading global efforts for peace. In addition, Art4PeaceAwards brings nominees from seven continents to teach and help them feel proud of their own culture while learning about other cultures. The idea behind the exposure of different cultures and raising awareness is to encourage unity to make peace on a global scale.

In addition to Art4Peace, Dame Munni founded Wisdomland International to create jobs and offer tourism. Another organization she founded is driven by the motive to eliminate homelessness and provide shelter in a check and balanced based self-sustaining shelter. Dame Munni established Wisdomland International to alleviate hunger, offer shelter, and educate disadvantaged women, children, men, and animals. It also generates jobs, tourism, and healing.

Dame Munni realizes the need to regain confidence through coaching as a survivor of domestic violence. She has been volunteering on LA Skid Row since the 1980s, where she and her family distribute food and hygiene kits to the homeless monthly. In her drive to give a better living for the homeless, she envisioned constructing a parker structure with free facilities and showers so they could properly bathe themselves. Her unwavering efforts to end homelessness have earned her the moniker of Philanthropist Queen of Beverly Hills.

A philanthropic odyssey spanning four decades

Her four-decade philanthropic odyssey has established her as a global presence in various sectors. All her endeavors are focused on her worldwide healing peace program, and she has a lot going on now. She even made history when she planted the first Global Peace Tree in the United States at Utah Valley University. In short, as a leader for global peace, Dame Munni has spent her life making relentless efforts to make life easier for others to the best of her power and to bring international peace. A journey she embarked upon many years ago is still on the way, and Dame Munni’s dedication does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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