The established entrepreneur transcends into making music and artist management.

The multifaceted entrepreneur, Joel “NaeSketchie” Molina has proven himself in event promotion for a very long time now and set up his own company by the name Sketchie Entertainment. He then entered the fashion industry with his own brand named “MAZCO”. NaeSketchie has also run his artist management company and record label which is also called Sketchie Entertainment. 

Being a natural-born hustler, Joel ‘NaeSketchie’ Molina has always tried to venture into different styles of entrepreneurship. He was not given things on a golden platter but instead had to work for everything he has achieved. Nae belongs to The Bronx, New York, and has parents from the Dominican Republic. The start of his career was back in the early 2000s when he held a party at his sister’s apartment in New York. From there on, he was a recognized name in the nightlife and people were well aware of the “Sketchie Parties”.

Sketchie Entertainment has been managing many artists including Angelica Villa, who is the niece of Joel Molina and the first lady of Sketchie Entertainment. NaeSketchie’s prodigy has also been affiliated with Roc National due to her phenomenal skills. This happened when Pretty Lou, one of the biggest hosts of the radio station in NYC, Hot 97 posted one of Angellica’s cover videos. Sometime after that, Fat Joe from Roc Nation saw it and decided to do a collaboration. The collaboration worked out so well that she got signed with Roc Nation as well. Angelica is currently also signed with Sketchie Entertainment and Joel Manages her regularly.

“After all the experience in the nightlife, entrepreneurship, fashion, and artist management, I believe that the next step for me is co-producing music. What we have planned is a surprise but trust me it will be as good as everything else I have put up. Working with Roc Nation and managing Angelica has been an honor for me, I will most certainly use this experience in my journey of music production”, says NaeSketchie.

A fashion brand is also run by Joel Molina. It is called “MAZCO” and has the iconic three-colored stripe logo. The three strips of red, blue, and yellow stand for fire, water, and sun. Which translates into life. The simple yet significant logo shows the focus on minimalism by the brand. NaeSketchie’s aim for the brand was to not only make people look good but to also make them feel good in the outfit. For him, fashion is an immersive experience.

NaeSketchie has had firsthand experience with the top people in the game through his vast experience of event promotion in the nightlife. He owned and run the X Bar and also hosted parties at Melodia, Talay, Hudson River Café, and Phuket. Among the guests of his parties have been A-lister celebrities like Future, Post Malone, A$apFerg, and A$ap Rocky.

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