Don’t let your profession define you. This is some of the best advice Ashton Henry ever received. People can fall into a habit of fusing their identities with how they make their living. It’s called an identity mindset and it can limit your potential. Ashton stopped doing this years ago when he embraced full self-acceptance.

It’s fine to tell people what you are good at and what you love to do, but there is no need to introduce yourself with your job title and company name. When you believe in yourself, there is no need to “promote” yourself to others. Ashton Henry realizes that when people do this, they are letting outside influences determine their role and purpose in life. Do not give others that power over you.

When a person accepts every part of who and what he is, it is important to not bask in praise or fall in a funk when critiqued, cautions Ashton. Like the rest of your life, it’s about finding a balance and becoming content with your place in this world. Remember that you should never let other people choose your path. If you are feeling a little lost, take a moment to define or even redefine yourself. Knowing what you want is a crucial step in determining your role and purpose in life.

Ashton Henry emphasizes the importance of being adaptable on the journey. Our circumstances can change in an instant, and with that, people might think twice about where they are. The pandemic, and unfortunate events in general, can serve as a major “wakeup call” for people. They realize just how precious life is and refuse to no longer live to the fullest. An office manager might quit a steady job to become a beauty influencer and a lawyer might leave his firm to become a chef. Don’t let people hold you back, but do what is right for you.

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