Samuel Austin Evans is passionate about web security and online safety. After successfully completing his graduation and higher studies from a US-based university, Samuel Austin Evans has straightway entered into the world of entrepreneurship. 

“I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and do something new and innovative in life. I was not at all interested in joining a monotonous 9–5 job. But I didn’t want to make my entrepreneurial venture look amateurish. Because of this, I spent a lot of hours completing my academic studies. I am delighted. Now that I have graduated with all papers with good grades, I can happily start my entrepreneurial venture,” Samuel explained.

Samuel Austin Evans is now developing something for online data safety and protection. He is working on a very interesting project, called Very Individual Protection aka VIP. Through VIP, Samuel Austin Evans wants to protect people and their data. He believes that those who subscribe to VIP will enhance their safety by offering smart personal protection services of VIP. 

Not just online safety and security, Samuel Austin Evans also believes that VIP will also help people in enhancing their safety inside important premises like colleges, campuses, hospitals or banks. 

“My plan is to gradually make VIP a big entity in the cyber safety segment. I have also recently launched Campus Safety Network (CSN), through which Campus admin can scrutinise all activities within the premises. The use of CSN is also helpful to academicians for conducting free and fair examinations and keeping the campus safe from antisocial elements,” Samuel added. 

Just like millions of other entrepreneurs, Samuel believes he is also running short of funds to give a fillip to his entrepreneurial ambitions. Though he has a lot of interesting projects in the pipeline, without money and adequate funding, they may not see the light of the day. 

Samuel wants to go through crowdfunding way. In 2020, more than 6460100 crowdfunding campaigns ran successfully throughout the globe. Samuel believes if people come forward, his ambition will also get a boost. 

As the crowdfunding market is likely to touch the $300-billion mark by 2030, Samuel is also hopeful that as more and more people come to know about his entrepreneurial venture, they will also invest in the project and want to be a part of its history. 

“As a new entrepreneur, it is not possible for me to fully invest in my ventures. Like other business owners, I am also running short of cash and funds. Crowdfunding can be a great relief. That is why I want to launch my crowdfunding campaigns for my upcoming projects so that more and more people join the movement. I also want to draw the attention of venture capitalists to understand my projects and generously contribute to them,” Samuel concluded. 

Samuel’s life journey has been a roller coaster ride. He hails from a middle-class family based out of the US. Unlike other kids, he didn’t have too much money to plunge into the luxuries of life. He has been a dedicated, sincere, and obedient student throughout his life. He always knew that if he studies well, he can transform his life. And once he completed his academic life, he shifted his focus to entrepreneurship because he wanted to do something on his own. 

Though his ambition project VIP is already available in the form of a basic app, his sole focus is now to develop into a full-fledged app, which can be compatible with other devices and software.  

You can follow Samuel Evans Austin on his official LinkedIn here.

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