Where do I invest? Is the dollar and currency good?

One of the investment options, especially in the last one or two years, has been the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is high risk and I do not recommend looking at it as one of the investment options.

Foreign exchange intermediation causes a lot of damage to the country’s macro-economy, but unfortunately, due to the sharp fluctuations in the foreign exchange market in recent years, many people look at the currency and the dollar as investment options, which must be corrected.

Are coins and gold good?

Gold is one of the most traditional investment options. From years ago until today, gold has been one of the main investment options. This option may be a good answer to the question “How do I invest with low income?” No, because buying gold is not cheap.

Again, set your goal before you start investing. If you are planning to invest in the long term, gold is a relatively good option but investing in gold in the short term is not highly recommended.

Apart from the investment period, the liquidity of your capital is also very important.

Gold is generally relatively liquid, but can be a problem when the gold market fluctuates sharply.

How is the housing market?

Housing is also a relatively traditional investment option. Based on the information and chart above, it is not a bad option. Perhaps the most important obstacle to your investment in the housing market is its poor liquidity and its relatively high initial capital.

Lovely option stock

The answer to the question of where to invest is that I have gone so far as to examine the gold, currency and housing markets, and here it is time to examine the stock market.

As expected, the stock market has grown well in 1998 (so far) and is expected to continue to grow with the start of the new year.

In comparison with 20 years of investment markets, the first rank belongs to the stock exchange.

The story, however, is not so simple. You need a lot of expertise, knowledge, experience and time to make a profit from the stock market.

Even if you have all of the above, there is no guarantee of high profits and you are on the side of a risky market

what’s the solution?

There are two options. The first option is to learn the stock market and investing alphabet from the beginning and enter the stock market professionally.

It will take time, regardless of the difficulties, and as a financial coach, I do not recommend this option. Raising your investment knowledge will be very useful for you and you can increase your knowledge continuously, but becoming a professional and a stock market expert is not a good option.

The second solution is to reduce the risk a bit. Leave your capital to skilled and experienced people so that they can work with your initial capital and make a profit for you.

It does not make much sense to trust friends and acquaintances in this area, but a mutual fund can be a great option for you.

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