Sofia Saidi exuded grace and ethereal beauty at the Ferrari movie premiere in Jeddah on the 7th of December, held at the luxurious Ritz Carlton venue. Dressed in a stunning white ensemble created by the renowned designer Tima Abid, Sofia radiated an angelic aura. The dress, adorned with delicate diamonds on the necklace, captivated onlookers with its exquisite simplicity and timeless elegance. Complementing her attire with grace and charm, Sofia adorned herself with pink hearted Swarovski earrings and a ring, completing a look that left everyone in awe. Her ensemble was nothing short of show-stopping, as she effortlessly showcased her impeccable sense of style, leaving a lasting impression of sheer magnificence.

In the world of cinema and cultural celebration, Mohammad al Turki, the exceptional CEO of the Red Sea Film Festival, continued to pave an extraordinary path. The illustrious festival marked its triumphant third edition, a testament to Mohammad al Turki’s remarkable leadership and dedication to the world of cinema. Under his visionary guidance, the festival flourished and left an indelible mark on the global film industry, further solidifying its position as an eminent cultural event.

Accompanying Sofia at the premiere were Paola al Sitt and Dora Zarrouk, the distinguished Tunisian actress, both gracing the event in elegant white ensembles. The international press took note of their striking resemblance on the red carpet, highlighting their shared affinity for sophisticated and chic fashion choices.

Sofia’s captivating glam looks at the festival were curated by the esteemed Mermaid Beauty Saloon in Jeddah, adding an extra layer of allure and glamour to her appearance, and ensuring that she was always the epitome of elegance and poise throughout the festival.

The Ritz Carlton Jeddah, where the mesmerizing event took place, served as a fittingly grand and opulent setting for Sofia, complementing her radiant presence and adding to the unparalleled ambiance of the occasion. Its grandeur and sophistication provided the perfect backdrop for Sofia’s impeccable style and timeless allure, further enhancing the magic of the evening.

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