For many people, entering the business world is not that easy. Young entrepreneurs, however, showing a lot more commitment and developing innovative ideas every day to solve problems in the market and address the right target group. Every successful entrepreneur knows that trials and mistakes at the beginning are totally normal and even useful to move the business forward. One of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe, whom I would like to introduce in this article, is Benjamin Herzog. Benjamin Herzog is 23 years old and lives in Austria. The 23-year-old was born and raised in Klagenfurt on 13 August 1997.

After high school Benjamin Herzog traveled to Sydney, where he studied graphic design for half a year. Shortly afterward he was involved in the foundation of many companies. Already in the same year, he was involved in the foundation of “ Tea Time”. The foundation of Avintex GmbH already took place in January 2018. Today, Avintex GmbH is one of the second largest cloud mining providers in Austria. With his experience in online and offline trading in 2016, Benjamin Herzog was confident enough to invest a lot of capital in Avintex GmbH. As it turns out with success for the young entrepreneur!

When he left the company in September 2018, he was already working on the foundation of Viva Payment Solutions in August 2018. There he mainly worked on the development of digital payment methods, which became more and more important for the future. In October of the same year, he was involved in the foundation of PhoneX Pay, which is to say known under the name “Transfera”. EXW Wallet was founded by Mr. Herzog in August 2019.

The establishment of Real Estate Ltd in Dubai is planned for 2020. In this business, Benjamin Herzog will participate in the purchase and development of the real estate.

In addition, we know through insiders that Mr. Herzog has been working on a luxury fashion brand called “Understatement” for some time. This brand should become as popular as brands of top designers such as Givenchy or Amiri within a short time.

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