Blac Chyna was supposed to appear on the reality TV show “ The Real”. She wanted to give us an insight to her personality in the show. However, she failed to show up on the show for some unknown reasons. The host of the show Loni Lov commented that she wasted the opportunity of somebody else being promoted on the show. With irresponsibility of not appearing on the show, Fox had to face a loss of thousands of dollars.

Chyna had to be on the show on Monday 23rd September. She was looking forward to her appearance. She even posted on her social media page that she’d be seen on Loni Lov’s show. The fans got disappointed with the no appear show of Blac Chyna. People who were eagerly waiting for her to be on the show found out only when they switched on the TV to watch the show that Blac Cyna wont be there.

Blac chyna is a social media star. She has a 14.1 million fans on Instagram. Her number of fans continues to grow rapidly. She loves to post her sexy photos on Instagram. Her fans eagerly waits for her to post something new. She continues to post her throwback pictures. She also posts short videos on Snapchat. You also see her playing with her kids in these videos.

Not many people know that she was a stripper before becoming a model. Blac Cyna is the name given to her by one of her customers. Chyna didn’t complete her studies when she started climbing the ladder of success as a stripper.

 Blac cyna made her modeling debut by appearing on the cover of Dimepiece magazine. She also won the Urban Model of the year award. She has also appeared on several music videos. She loved to do the music videos for the money. After enjoying fame and popularity Cyna decided to continue her studies. She completed her studies in 2013.

Loni Lov hosts the reality TV show since 2013. She won the best Daytime Emmy Award for hosting the outstanding entertainment talk show. She promotes new and existing talent in her Reality talk show. This week Blac cyna ditched her by not being there on the show as committed. Loni Lov showed her disapproval and posted on the official The Real page that Blac Chyna took too long to dress up. Because of her absence, she was unable to promote anyone on the show.

Some people suspect the absence of Blac Chyna was due to her closeness with Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams and Loni Lov have a cold war. Wendy William is the enemy of Loni Lov. Blac Chyna gets head to head with Wendy Williams. This could be the reason of Blac Chyna not appearing on the show. However, Blac Cyna has yet to give an explanation. She is totally quiet about it.

The social media team of The Real posted a picture of an empty couch and highlighted the absence of Blac Chyna.

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