The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has flagged the beginning of influenza season as the quantity of cases keeps on rising.

As per the CDC, Ohio is currently one of the 18 states revealing provincial influenza action.

“We’ve seen an uptick with that in the previous couple of weeks,” says Dr. Mike Sevilla from Family Practice Center of Salem.

Dr. Sevilla says those numbers are probably going to continue expanding.

“This is regularly the season that we would see influenza tests positive go up, hospitalizations go up,” he says.

As of the week finishing Dec. 15,the Ohio Department of Health reported 67 flu related hospitalizations. Ten of them were accounted for in the upper east piece of the state.

“We’ve been telling our patients for quite a while to watch out on the grounds that this season’s cold virus numbers will be going up, so we’re authoritatively in influenza season,” Sevilla says.

Side effects incorporate high fever, chills and hacking. Specialists state it is especially perilous to babies and the elderly, so know whether you are making a beeline for occasion social affairs.

“In case you’re exceptionally wiped out or on the off chance that you believe you will be around helpless populaces, you may even need to remain home amid these occasions in the Christmas season,” says Sevilla.

He says great hand washing is likewise an approach to ensure yourself and it’s never past the point where it is possible to get your influenza shot.