Barbie maintained its triumph on the fifth day at the box office after putting up a strong showing in the first four days, earning an estimated 2.30 crore India net.

It brought in 5 crore on Friday, the first day of sales. Collections increased by 30% the following day (Saturday), hitting 6.5 crore.

The film maintained its upward trend on the first Sunday, earning 7.15 crore, an increase of 10% from the day before. On Monday, there was a significant decline, as the film only made 2.30 crore, a -67.83% difference from Sunday. According to preliminary estimates, “Barbie” continued to earn 2 crore on Tuesday, bringing its total for its first five days in India to 23. 25 crore, according to Sacnilk.

Oppenheimer had a good opening weekend at the box office, earning a total of 55.75 crore in the first four days of its release in India. The movie maintained its strong performance on its fifth day, earning a projected net amount of 6.25 crore across all languages.

Oppenheimer had a strong debut weekend at the Indian box office, earning 14.5 crore, of which 12.75 crore came from the English version and 1.75 crore from the Hindi. The movie’s first Saturday revenue was up significantly over the previous day, rising by 17.24% to 17 crore, with 14.95 crore coming from the English version and 2.05 crore from the Hindi version.

“Oppenheimer” extended its winning streak on its first Sunday, earning a total of 17.25 crore (net), with 14.7 crore from the English version and 2.55 crore from the Hindi version. This is a marginal gain of 1.47% from the previous day’s revenues.

However, the movie’s revenue significantly decreased on the first Monday, falling by 59.42% from the day before to $7 crore, including $6.25 crore from the English version and $0.75 crore from the Hindi version, according to Sacnilk.

More precise numbers have not yet been officially revealed, but “Oppenheimer” is projected to have made $6.25 crore as of its opening Tuesday for all languages.

“Oppenheimer” has earned a total of 62 crore in net collections after its first five days at the Indian box office, demonstrating a solid run in the local market.

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