For reasons that we are all well aware of, Chefs across the globe were forced to improvise until 2021. We saw everything from an increase in take-out volumes to entire dining spaces being reimagined. However, with anything, there are anomalies. Chef Ali Sayed, in a similar theme to his entire life, never stopped moving forward.

For a chef who works as a production and development manager in Bukhatir Group in Dubai, and is highly touted within the food scene, Chef Ali saw this as nothing more than another challenge to not just overcome, but to shatter. by Chef Ali Sayed features exciting collection of flavorful recipes that are easy to prepare, including foolproof breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts. As a self-described foodie, Ali Sayed infuses different cuisines and flavors from around the globe into his dishes. When COVID-19 hit, he realized she needed to develop a variety of quick and easy recipes to satiate his family’s palates. Tired of buying cookbooks and scouring the Internet with too few options, and after many wasted ingredients and unsuccessful dishes tossed in the trash, Ali Sayed decided to do something about it.
Teaming up with his colleagues and collecting his all-time favorite dishes, Chef Ali Sayed prepares new recipes every day. Some of which includes-
• Okra Stew
• Spicy Chicken & Apricot Stew
• Chicken with tomatoes and coriander
• Chicken piccata
• Healthy vegetable burghul
• Eid kaak
• Uzbaki rice with chicken, etc.

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